Flash Desktop v3.0.12

Posted By: quil__23

Convert Flash movies to wallpapers or screensavers, also allow you to pack the created wallpaper or screensaver to single installation file to share your works to others.

Use Flash Desktop to:

- Convert Flash to Screensaver.
- Convert Flash to Wallpaper.
- Convert Flash to wallpaper and pack it to a single installer.
- Convert Flash to Screensaver and pack it to a single installer.

Normally, our desktop wallpaper is quiescent, do you want an animated desktop wallpaper?
Also, the flash files are beautiful and most of them are animated or controllable, but you can not use a flash file as the desktop wallpaper directly. Do you want to use the Flash files as wallpaper and screensaver?
Now, by using Flash Desktop, you can convert any flash file to the wallpaper or screensaver easily!
After you convert a flash file to the wallpaper or screensaver, it also allows you to pack this wallpaper or screensaver into a single self-extracting installation file. So you can create such a flash desktop wallpaper or screensaver and share it to anyone! Anyone can install the flash desktop wallpaper to their computer with this installation file.