FlashGit 1.60

Posted By: BioDuo

A very fine program to take care of you Flashget configuration
Tune your FlashGet the way it should be!
A MUST HAVE for those who download with BRTurbo ;)

Do you love downloading with FlashGet? but can't break through that 10 Parts Simultaneous download? try FlashGit, FlashGit is new from BioDuo Inc.

It holds the following tweaks:
100 Parrallel Downloads
30 Parts Simultaneous
Connection Time Out
Data Time Out
Skin Pack
Retry Delay
FireFox Plug-in (FlashGot v0.5.9.96)
Download Path
Moniter Type
Clean FTP History
Proxy List


What's new on v1.60? (released: 22-10-2005)

+) FlashGit will no langer set the wallpaper to 'None'
+) Tweak Added: Secret Hammering function of
+) Section Added: Privacy
+) Tweak Added: Disable the ShareURL function
+) Tweak Added: Enable the ShareURL function
+) Tweak Added: Option to delete the log file when file is done downloading
+) 'Show Revision Changelog' has been added
+) Improved the uninstaller
+) Updated proxy list

*) Some small changes
*) Fixed an bug were the Proxy list would keeps adding "empty" proxy's, that
has been solved now!
*) Typo in a messageBox has been fixed
*) Fixed an bug were the Uninstaller would launch and quit inmediatly

Note: If FireFox opens whithout any warning then go to Tools -> Options -> Web Feature and
check "Allow web sites to install software" and click OK. run FlashGit again, a pop-up menu
will appear asking you for installing FlashGot. hit "Install Now". FlashGot has been installed,
it is recommend to uncheck "Allow web sites to install software" again!. (ofcourse
this is up to you!)

-To see if FlashGot has been installed open FireFox and go to Tools -> Extensions

Wrote the new version in three days! :wink:
Please let me know what you think about this program.