FlashGit 1.62

Posted By: BioDuo

A very fine program to take care of you Flashget configuration
Tune your FlashGet the way it should be!
A MUST HAVE for those who download with BRTurbo ;)

Do you love downloading with FlashGet? but can't break through that 10 Parts Simultaneous download? try FlashGit, FlashGit is new from BioDuo Inc.

It holds the following tweaks:
100 Parrallel Downloads
30 Parts Simultaneous
Connection Time Out
Data Time Out
Skin Pack
Retry Delay
X means Close
FireFox Plug-in (FlashGot v0.5.9.98)
Download Path
Graphical Scale
Moniter Type
Clean FTP History
ShareURL Disabler
Proxy List

What's new on v1.62? (released: 19-11-2005)

+) 3 New Skins added: Tommorow Evolution, The Bubbles and FlashGit
Thanks fly out to Heretic for creating the FlashGit wallpaper
+) FlashGit can now create a Back-up of your FlashGet configurations
+) Removed the theme '1space-flower'
+) Tweak Added: Graphical Scale
+) Updated FlashGot to v0.5.9.98
+) IF FlashGet is open and your run FlashGit it's now possible to run them side by side
+) If FireFox hasn't been configured right for FlashGot, a warning will pop-up
with the option to change your settings so that FlashGot can be installed
+) The Banner finally works a link

*) Renamed some Theme's
*) Added a link to the new FlashGit website (Thans Xyberx)
*) Small code optimalistion
*) Bug fixed were selecting the 'None' install type 'ShareURL Enable' would be automaticly checked
*) Bug fixed the 'X means close' tweak should now work properly
*) Stability improved
*) Improved some messageboxes
*) Some small changes

FlashGit 1.62

Yeah,...finally! FlashGit has a homepage! :D

FlashGit Homepage