FlashGit RS ver. 2.0

Posted By: BioDuo

FlashGit RS ver. 2.0

And here's a new version of my app FlashGit.

For those who dont know what this app does:
It's a very fine program to take care of you Flashget configuration.
It holds an enormous number of configuration changes in FlashGet, so you can do more with the same.

It tunes your FlashGet the way it should be!

It holds the following tweaks:
100 Parrallel Downloads
30 Parts Simultaneous
Connection Time Out
Data Time Out
Skin Pack
Retry Delay
X means Close
FireFox Plug-in (FlashGot v0.5.9.993)
Download Path
Graphical Scale
Moniter Type
Clean FTP History
ShareURL Disabler
Proxy List


What's new on RS v2.0? (released: 20-02-2006)

+) Bug fixed with the Proxy list
+) Bug fixed (on rare occasions) were you could see "text"
behind the pictures of the banner page
+) Improved the FlashGit updater (v2.0)
+) A new theme has been added

*) Updated FlashGot to v0.5.9.993
*) Updated license agreement
*) Code has been optimalisated (minimally faster)
*) No longer leaves any files in Temp directory after tweaking
*) No longer shows any header text
*) Uninstaller has been completly rewritten
*) Alerts user if no options are selected
*) Checkbox added to the License Page
*) All tweaknames in installer lowercase (looks nicer)
*) 'Install Proxy List' renamed to 'Add proxy list'
*) 'Toolbar' renamed to 'Toolbar buttons'
*) No longer overwrites an existing Back-up
*) You no longer need FlashGit for restoring a back-up
*) Items in installer/uninstaller all alphabetized
*) All options are now unchecked by default
*) Run FlashGet on the finish page in now unchecked
*) Section 'Privacy' has been removed, tweaks weren't
*) When installing FlashGot your FireFox options will no longer be checked since the
this check has been removed from FireFox 1.5 and higher
*) Some other small changes