FlashGit RS 2.0 (Freeware)

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FlashGit RS 2.0  (Freeware)

FlashGit RS 2.0 (Freeware)

About FlashGit
What's FlashGit you ask?

FlashGit is a small utility which empowers your FlashGet.

FlashGet on its own is a pretty powerful download manager, but it has
some thinks which could be improved, that's why there's FlashGit.
Tweak your FlashGet so it can handle up to a 100 Simultaneous downloads,
each split up into 30 parts, this will make your FlashGet 300% faster.

But that's not all, make your FlashGet look fancy with a Skin Pack
which contains already more than 20 Theme's.

FlashGit does not contain any spyware or ad-aware of any kind.
And in case your not happy with the results of FlashGit, everything
can be completely restored to its default state.
Just run the uninstaller from Add/Remove Programs.

What's new on RS v2.0? (released: 20-02-2006):
+) Bug fixed with the Proxy list
+) Bug fixed (on rare occasions) were you could see "text"
behind the pictures of the banner page
+) Improved the FlashGit updater (v2.0)
+) A new theme has been added

*) Updated FlashGot to v0.5.9.993
*) Updated license agreement
*) Code has been optimalisated (minimally faster)
*) No longer leaves any files in Temp directory after tweaking
*) No longer shows any header text
*) Uninstaller has been completly rewritten
*) Alerts user if no options are selected
*) Checkbox added to the License Page
*) All tweaknames in installer lowercase (looks nicer)
*) 'Install Proxy List' renamed to 'Add proxy list'
*) 'Toolbar' renamed to 'Toolbar buttons'
*) No longer overwrites an existing Back-up
*) You no longer need FlashGit for restoring a back-up
*) Items in installer/uninstaller all alphabetized
*) All options are now unchecked by default
*) Run FlashGet on the finish page in now unchecked
*) Section 'Privacy' has been removed, tweaks weren't
*) When installing FlashGot your FireFox options will no longer be checked since the
this check has been removed from FireFox 1.5 and higher
*) Some other small changes


No password need!



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