FLVDownload.com PowerTools ver. 1.6

Posted By: medion
FLVDownload.com PowerTools ver. 1.6

FLVDownload.com PowerTools ver. 1.6
is the complete power toy for all of your flash movie downloading needs!

is the complete power toy for all of your flash movie downloading needs! FLVDownload.com PowerTools 1.6 supports download of protected flash movies from large movie networks like youtube.com and video.google.com, granting you the ability to download to your local hard drive over 4,000 GB of flash movies - Download them to your computer before they disappear!
YouTube.com and Video.Google.com both have their own protection check that prevent a typical Internet user from downloading the movies to their hard drive. In other words, should these companies (or the author of the movie) decide to remove it from the server, you will never have access to the same movie again. FLVDownload.com PowerTools 1.6 is created just for this, to give you the ability to download these movies to your own hard drive, and hold on to them for as long as you want.

Cracks and downloads flash movies from the world's largest flash movie network - YouTube.com
Cracks and downloads all flash movies from the gigantic Google.com movie network
Cracks and downloads any flash movies from Grinvi.com
Automatically detects which movie network you are attempting to download from
Ultra fast downloading technology allows easy and fast download of flash movies
Small and compact, fits on a single floppy disk to bring along to friends
Always available unlike online movie downloader
Designed with "Easy-to-Use" concept in mind, extremely easy to use
Compatible with all Internet browsers
Works on Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Works with all types of Internet connection
Unlimited Lifetime technical support