Flyakite OSX ver. 3.0 Final

Posted By: scorpix

Flyakite OSX ver. 3.0 Final | 29,3 Mb

Some changes since v 2.0

- Flyakite OSX Settings renamed to Current User Settings
- Flyakite OSX Updater renamed to System Files Updater
- Registry Tweaks section renamed to Tweaks
- Items in installer/uninstaller all alphabetized
- Integrated Special Edition fixes, so only 1 installer is needed
- All filenames in installer lowercase (looks nicer)
- Removed all extra languages from installer (pack is still universal for all languages)
- Lots of other stuff 1 probably forgot
- Uninstaller is now created before any files are installed, so any installation
that fails due to not enough free space or whatnot, you will still have a fully working uninstaller.

- 262 total files moddified now (v2.0 moddified 155 files)
- Added 5 .ocx files
- Added 44 .exe files
- Added 31 .dll files
- Added 25 Office files
- Added tweak for Internet Explorer -> HeIp -> About IE
- Updated time zone map
- Updated all AVI animations to versions made by pack
- Updated all folder icons so they face the same direction and are all blue
- Updated drag and drop cursor overlay
- Updated ALL wizard bitmaps
- Updated all Administrative Tools icons
- Updated small WinRAR toolbar images
- Updated IE and Explorer toolbars to Safari style
- Updated HeIp and Support Center toolbar to Safari style
- Updated User Accounts toolbar to Safari style
- Updated LOTS of misc, icons/bitmaps
- Updated Shut Down/Log 0ff dialogs
- Fixed user icon in Task Manager

- Added 64bit OS detection
- Clears icon cache for all users
- All options are now unchecked by default
- Alerts user if no options are selected
- Cleans up old FlyakiteoSX v2.O shortcuts and registry entries
- Supports unattended silent installation using the included FlyakiteoSX.ini answer file
- Added /48x48 switch to force the installer to use smaller shell32.dll icons
- Updated all item descriptions
- No longer leaves any files in Temp directory after installation
- Full installation tracking. Installer will only uninstall what it has installed, even if same item was installed manually witout FlyakiteøSX
- Updated internal readme and license agreement

- Fixed HeIp and Support Center images not uninstalling
- Fixed Notepad icon not uninstalling
- Redesigned install/uninstall method so no files will ever be missed on uninstall anymore