Font Fitting Room Deluxe - управление шрифтами

Posted By: BigBrother
Программа управления шрифтами в Windows

Font Fitting Room Deluxe

Font Fitting Room is a preview and management tool for both installed and yet to be installed fonts, with full character map and multilingual name property support. It handles the most popular fonts used on PCs today, and it helps you to add and remove from your system. These font types include True Type font (TTF, TTC), Open Type font (TTF, TTC, OTF), PostScript Type 1 font (PFM, PFB), and Microsoft Windows font (FNT, FON).

Character map displays all the supported characters of a font, with a magnified window appeared for any selected character. You needn't install the font to see this feature. In this way you can get a full impression of the font before actually install it into system. Property shows name table strings for Open Type font, categorized by locale. You can find how font typeface names are presented in different locales. The program is Unicode-based which allows you to type sample sentence simultaneously containing any locale characters. For example, you can preview Chinese and Korean characters in the same sample string.