FontExplorerL.M ver.4.22

Posted By: useros
Font ExplorerL.M. is a quick and simple to use font browsing application for Microsoft Windows. It lets you very fast preview both installed or uninstalled fonts by folders or drives, or temporary install fonts (available only until the current FontExplorerL.M. session ends!) from your Hard-drive or CD-Rom so you can locate those specific fonts you need to complete your job and quick and easy install them if they are not permanently installed.Temporary installed fonts is available in all Windows applications that you have in your computer.Do you want to print professionally designed sample sheets listing all your fonts,installed permanently or temporary, or print formatted text from FontExplorerL.M. text editor? Do you need to install, uninstall,copy, delete or otherwise manage fonts? Do you want to view fonts in 3D and save as *.bmp images?