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ForwardMail For System Admin

Posted By: klol101
ForwardMail is email forwarding software for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. It can be used to retrieve and forward incoming email messages to other accounts. If your mobile phone has an internet email address, you can read the email messages, which arrives to any accounts, through the "Short Messaging Service". ForwardMail can be a very powerful tool for your email communication.

NEWS: "Account Management" option has been added to v3.92.
This functions can be used to set up account information and quickly for specially 100 account version. The account settings in 'Account' tab can be written out to a general CSV file, and the settings can be restored and applied after editing CSV file. And account template can be created for quick account setting.


Redirect forwarding supported

* Keeps the header information of the incoming emails
* You can reply to the original sender by simply clicking "Reply" button on the forwarded email

Multiple accounts supported

* 10 forwarding accounts available
* You can forward emails to multiple addresses with one forwarding account
* You can forward emails from the same mailbox to separate addresses with separate conditions

Various filtering options

* Filters by email address, email size, subject, time zone, sender's email client, etc
* Strips unnecessary attached files

Useful features for forwarding to mobile phone ( SMS )

* Removes unnecessary letters or strings
* Divide to forward by specified mail size
* Removes citation lines
* Convert the HTML email to plain TEXT email

Remote control function

* Suspends or resumes forwarding by sending a special email to the account.
* Sends back the account status report when accepting the command email.

Account management function

* Manages account settings by 'template' option or general 'CSV file'.


Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/Me/XP


(IMAP4 and WEB based email system are NOT supported.)


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