Friendblasterpro Friendster Edition 1.3

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Friendblasterpro Friendster Edition 1.3
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FriendBlasterPro leverages the newest marketing medium for you. Friendster is a social network site where millions of people go to set up accounts about themselves and to interact with others. These members add each other as friends and take part in the many features Friendster has, creating an extremely large social network. Using this social network to market your products, services, events or bands is an extremely powerful new method of advertising. The process is very easy. You start by creating an account for your product on Friendster. You then send messages or “smiles” to other Friendster members, either targeting specific or random users. You can send messages directly to other Friendster members about product information, upcoming events, etc.
FriendBlasterPro handles all of the work for you and includes the following features:
- Target your market based on a members age, sex, geographic location, interests, and more.
- Gather friend(s) id's from browsing the groups, forums, fan/friend lists, classifieds or any other area of Friendster.
- Auto Messenger that allows you to send out messages to all of your friends or to any specified target market.
- Auto Smile feature that allows you to send out Smiles to all of your friends.
- Timed Bulletins feature that gives you full control of "how many" and "when" to send out Bulletins.
- Invite all Friends to Current Group Feature.
- Tracks and displays number of messages, smiles, invites, bulletins, etc. sent per day.
- Comes with a FriendBlasterPro News Bulletin to keep you up to date with the latest news.
- Free product updates Support and technical assistance.

Examples of how to use FriendBlasterPro:
- Send smiles and messages to thousands of profiles along with your details and watch the friend requests roll in! Or see how fast other profiles send you their details, asking you to add them!
- As a band, you can scan all the profiles of people living in your area and send them info about your next gig!
- Automatically post bulletins to make sure they are always visible to your friends!
- Whether you are a normal or a “fan” profile, you can send the same message to all your fans automatically!
- And many other uses we probably haven't thought of yet. The possibilities are endless!

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