File Rescue Plus

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File Rescue Plus

File Rescue Plus | 2,88 MB

What's New and Improved in version 4.0?

File-Rescue Plus 4.0 has been completely re-written from the ground up with many new features and faster scanning engines. We have also incorporated many file sorting and search features to make it easier to find you files fast. QuickScan Option - Shows deleted files from the current format of the partition or media type.

ClusterScan Option - Shows all files on the volume whether deleted or not. Useful for Damaged, Reformatted, or Corrupted Drives. Allows recovery from CDRW formatted CDs.

Device Detection - Detects any drive type such as, any Hard Drive, Removable Drives, CD Drives, or any Device attached to the computer.

Clean Free Disk Space Option - Allows you to securely wipe all free disk space on your computer to Department of Defense Specifications 5220.22-M.

Sorting and Search Options - Allows full search on all files by keyword. Tab sorting by files types for Documents, Images, Audio, Video, and the Recycle Bin. Allows modification of file types in the sorting tabs.

File List Options - These include saving your file list as a Text, CSV, or an XML file. Allows for printing of your file list and viewing you list with Details, List, Icons, and all Image files as Thumbnails!

eUpdate Options - Full electronic updates and upgrades of the product can be obtained by just clicking the eUpdate option on the interface.

Help Options - Full electronic help function takes you to our online user guide, which can be viewed in html, or downloaded as a PDF. Links to helpful FAQs can also be found here.