FUSiON v5.02 BUiLD 72

Posted By: absolut79

FUSiON v5.02 BUiLD 72

Fusion? 5 is a full-featured, node-based compositing system with built-in backend tools via a powerful scripting engine with ODBC support. A perfect balance between a backroom power
tool and a front room client station, Fusion 5 has it all. Not only does Fusion 5 have a real 3D environment with camera/lights support for leading 3D packages, it is also one
of the most powerful and intuitive 3D particle systems on the market. With hardware-accelerated 3D capabilities, you can now migrate from pre-vis to finals within the same application.
eyeon's Fusion is a true synergy of 2D and 3D tools for ultimate compositing.[

Size: 43 MB