Genie Mail Backup

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Genie Mail Backup

Genie Mail Backup | 19,6 MB

With the ever-growing importance of your, e-mails you send and receive and the data saved on your PC, you need more than a simple e-mail backup software to keep your e-mails, settings, and files backed up and protected. Genie Mail Backup provides you with the data protection you and your business need through a straightforward wizard-based interface, delivering better data management and increased data availability. Genie Mail Backup is a very easy to use yet powerful and flexible software that can backup and restore Outlook 2000-2007, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows settings, files, and more to virtually any local or remote location, including internal and external hard disks, FTP locations, across network, optical media, removable media, USB memory sticks, REV Disks, as well as Ajax-based offsite (online) backup.

With its Windows Vista Compatibility, Genie Mail Backup is your reliable backup software that ensures rock-solid security using the U.S. government-certified Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and grants you higher performance with its built-in Open file backup agent, and better accessibility with the option to search, extract, and view backed up items without the need to restore data. Moreover, now with Genie Mail Backup you can pause or even snooze scheduled backups with a click of a mouse, and enjoy an improved connectivity with auto resume feature and amazing speed.