GenieSoft Overture v4.0.2.22

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GenieSoft Overture v4.0.2.22 - AiR
Win App | 13mb | RS.COM

Overture 4 is a great choice if you are looking for powerful, but easy to use notation software.

Overture 4 is a great choice if you are looking for powerful, but easy to use notation software. Overture's user interface has been designed specifically to be as easy to learn, and fast to use as possible. Most entry work, even sophisticated scoring techniques, can be done directly on the page with a minimum of menu selection and no complex dialog boxes.

Full VST Integration…
Open the VST Instruments rack and load any VST instrument or effect. You can easily add controller
and key switches using the pre-define libraries formost of the popular sample libraries.

Intuitive Score Editing like No Others…
Overture allows you to edit your score in an intuitive manner, unlike other programs, so there is no need to hunt through levels of dialogs or search
the manual, just to make a simple change. Most commands can be done with one simple command directlyon the score.

Edit MIDI Directly on the Score…

Now that your VST Instruments have been loaded and your score has been entered, its time to do the final tweaking to get that great sound. Switch to MIDI data mode and your MIDI data is displayed above each track ready to be edited. Easily draw in or erase existing data right before your eyes with the score underneath.

Finally create a CD…
Now that you have high quality sound scores, you can save them as a wave file to be burned onto a CD or sent to a friend.

Good luck and hope to see you at the Grammy Awards with your award winning score.

Changes in v4.02.22:

-Fixed lyric underscore bug that extended too far or skipped a note in some rare cases.
-Fixed crash when dragging expression extension lines past one measure.
-Fixed crash when inserting a note into a measure that had a beam from previous measure.

Release Date:November, 2007