GGU Gabion v2.11 - Calculation of Gabion Walls

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GGU Gabion v2.11 - Calculation of Gabion Walls

GGU Gabion v2.11 - Calculation of Gabion Walls
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The GGU-GABION program system allows the calculation and design of gabion walls and walls build by similar stackable elements.

The program system allows comfortable data input. The system is displayed on the screen. Every change in data is shown on the screen, so that optimum control of input data is guaranteed. A variety of graphical presentation possibilities, to a high standard of quality, allow you to present the calculation results according to your wishes.

The working group 5.9.3 of the FGSV (Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen und Verkehrswesen - German Research Group for Road and Traffic Systems) has developed a paper for the calculation of gabions. This paper represents the main basis for programming.

The program was developed in early 1999, in part from previously existing program modules.

The GGU-GABION program has the following special capabilities (and maximum values):
Almost any kind of definition of gabion bodies
Base inclination of the gabion body
50 soil layers
5 benches on the active side
5 benches on the passive side
Calculations with active, increased active and at-rest earth pressure
Active earth pressure coefficients, MOHR / COULOMB and user-defined values
Passive earth pressure coefficients, MOHR / COULOMB, STRECK / WEIßENBACH, CAQUOT / KERISEl and user-defined values
Calculation of settlements
Calculation of external stability
Verification of inner stability along the lines
Comfortable interface to the slope stability program GGU-STABILITY for fast investigations of terrain stability
50 surcharge earth pressure figures
20 block loads at any depth
Static calculations of the wall via a two-dimensional rod structure program module on the basis of finite-element methods.
Definition of up to 10 additional path boundary conditions (torsion, displacement for x and y) at any position.
Definition of up to 10 additional force boundary conditions (moment, cross force and normal force) at any position.

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