The Grabber ver. 1.4 SHiNE - NEW

Posted By: korpse

The Grabber ver. 1.4 SHiNE - NEW

The Grabber is a tool to facilitate downloads using RapidShare FREE-service. This tool cannot bypass any Free-service limitations but is handy for mass downloads from RapidShare using proxies.
General Features:

Allows unlimited number of simultaneous downloads by using only a few proxies

Bypass download limit (i.e. 1hr restriction) using proxies

Has built-in downloader but allows files to be downloaded using any popular download manager: all download managers are now supported)

Has proxy checker

Has link checker

Has RapidShare Explorer: searches files on RapidShare using Google

Has My Link Store

Changes in this release:

Build-in downloader is improved (added stats and speed limiter)

All internet related tasks are now non-blocking

Added statistics info when downloading file

Add download speed limiter

Proxy Checker is fixed -- now you will get only working proxies

Renew IP option added (for those on ADSL/DSL...)

Bugs in Proxy Checker are fixed -- it will give you only working proxies

User interface enhanced. You can now abort grab/download at any time

All The Grabber-s can now work together for multiple downloads !

This version supports umlimited number of simultaneous downloads using only a few (one) proxies !

New messaging subsystem implemented


Some user interface bugs are fixed

Some reported Rapidshare errors were fixed


Auto shutdown

Proxy chaining

Port to new compiler version(this will eliminate Access Violation error)