The Grabber v1.2.1(NEWER Updated Version of RapidShare Link Grab – must have tool)

Posted By: Alibaba
After the extreme success of RapidShare Link Grab Helper v1.0 ( ) I had wrote earlier on the forum, and as promised this is the new version of the long awaited for, with the addition of direct download from the links list.

The Grabber is a tool to facilitate downloads using RapidShare FREE-service. This tool cannot bypass any Free service limitations but is handy for mass downloads from RapidShare using proxies.
General features:
1. Allows multiple downloads at the same time by using proxies
2. Bypass download limit (i.e. 1hr restriction) using proxies
3. Has built-in downloader but allows files to be downloaded using any popular download manager (FlashGet is supported)
4. Has link checker
5. Has proxy checker
6. Has very simple and intuitive user interface
7. It's totally free.

New in this version:

1. Implemented proxy checker - this is a special proxy checker designed to work with RapidShare
2. Implemented link checker - checks yours links to see if the files are still available
3. Support for proxy logons (user name & password)
4. Added new version checker
5. Updated to the current RapidShare site code


Download: 399KB