Graham Process Mapping Professional v7.00.0919

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Graham Process Mapping Professional v7.00.0919

Graham Process Mapping Professional v7.00.0919

Graham Process Mapping Professional v7.00.0919 | Win32 | Size: 45 MB

If you need to understand your business processes for any purpose – improvement, training, audit requirements, certification requirements… Graham Process

Mapping is the tool to help you do that.

Graham Process Maps provide a detailed display of your business process in a way that ANYONE can understand. Check out the paper "Capturing Reality in a Process Map" to read and understand an example process yourself. Discover how difficult and confusing processes can be presented clearly and effectively. If you are serious about saving time, saving money, making more money, reducing errors, improving customer service…you owe it to yourself to invest a small amount of time looking into Graham Process Mapping. It is unlike any mapping tool you’ve seen. It was designed specifically and solely to help people understand business processes.

Graham Process Maps help you become the resident process expert! Business processes involve the flow of information. Information flows on forms, documents, reports, applications, databases, emails, spreadsheets, etc. Graham Process Mapping Software IS THE ONLY mapping tool designed to follow the flow of all these items AND show how they relate to each other. No other methodology attempts to show these items. The small investment of only $495.00 US will be easily recovered on your first project. Graham Process Maps have contributed $ millions in savings for many organizations.


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