GrandBackup Ultimate ver.

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GrandBackup Ultimate ver.

GrandBackup Ultimate ver. | 5,7 MB

Every computer user has experienced the pain and frustration that come from a lost file or an accidentally deleted folder. Too often important data is lost due to our careless mistakes or a hardware failure or some well-meaning individual who deleted the file without knowing it was important. Such an event is more common than you may realize, especially on corporate networks where files are constantly being shared, accessed and modified by more than one user. Fortunately, there is GrandBackup that puts you back in control over your files, ensuring that important documents wont be lost for good because they can always be restored from a backup.

GrandBackup Ultimate offers you an elegant way of securing files and folders by putting their copies to a safe location of your choice. This may be a folder on the local hard drive of a desktop PC or a laptop, or any networked computer, or an FTP server. There is also the opportunity to save copies to CD or DVD disks. The amount of data to back up doesnt really matter. GrandBackup can span a backup copy across multiple disks if its too large to fit on one. For your peace of mind, the program allows you to encrypt backups and protect them with a password. Compression is also available, so the backups do not take too much of your hard disk space. GrandBackup Ultimates unique feature is its ability, by means of a bundled software tool, to locate and recover accidentally deleted files.

In terms of usability and ease of use, GrandBackup really stands out. Its biggest specialties are the Explorer-style interface and Task Setup dialog, both of which make GrandBackup Ultimate friendly even to those users who have had little exposure to computer technologies. Setting up a new backup task only takes a minute or two. Guided by an intuitive dialog, youll specify the source location(s), the destination location, and the frequency at which you want to back up your files. When the specified time is reached, GrandBackup performs the task in the background automatically without any interference from you. Besides timed backups, tasks can be configured to start on certain events like detection of an external disk, e.g. a floppy or a USB flash disk, change of a files size or attributes, file/folder renaming, etc.