Grand Robert de la langue française sur Cd-Rom - nouvelle édition (v2 2005) (REPOST ON REQUEST)

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Grand Robert de la langue française sur Cd-Rom - nouvelle édition (v2 2005) (REPOST ON REQUEST)

Grand Robert de la langue française sur Cd-Rom
Ms Windows | ~ 335 MB

The most complete and most up-to-date electronic dictionary of French language.

Description from the editor's site (

Le nouveau Cd-Rom du Grand Robert propose l'intégralité des 6 volumes de la dernière édition (2001) du Grand Robert de la langue française. Un outil intuitif et simple d'usage. Un CD-ROM indispensable pour plonger au coeur de la langue française, travailler et jouer avec les mots. Enrichi de nombreux compléments éditoriaux et de fonctionnalités inédites, spécifiquement conçus pour la version électronique, cette nouvelle version du cédérom du Grand Robert constitue une évolution majeure par rapport à la première version. Elle offre une véritable redécouverte du Grand Robert, en exploitant pleinement les multiples possibilités offertes par l'espace électronique.

Informations diverses : Configuration minimale PC: Pentium II / 32 Mo / Win 98 / 2000/ME/XP/NT4

* * *

Here is included the mdf/mds CD image that breaks the copy protection of the original CD.

Mount the CD image with Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools, with Safe Emulation on. Install the program, choosing the option of copying everything to the HD (then you can archive the image, you will not need it any more). After the installation of the program, install manually the phonetic font "LEROBERT.TTF" (it will be indicated that it is already installed, but in fact it will be effectively working only after the manual installation).

After the installation, you'll find a counter in the registry at HKEY-CURRENT-USER/Software/HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareBureau van Dijk/GRWin/Launch .
The value of this key counts up to 50 launches then starts asking for the original CD.
It is necessary to change this number to 1 for the application to start without problems

A short (3 pages, less than 1 MB), but detailed and illustrated description of the content and functions of this recent version of the Grand Robert can be downloaded in .PDF at

Download (files of 100 MB each):

Step-by-step instruction on how to set Safe Emulation on in Alcohol 120%:

1. In Alcohol 120% click on "Virtual Drive" in the left side menu.
2. Now, on the right side, in the checkbox "Number of Virtual Drives" you have to set at least 1.
3. Click on "Emulation" in the left side menu. All the three options on the right side have to be checked.
4. Click on "Extra Emulation" in the left side menu. Now again, all the three options on the right side have to be checked.
5. Press OK.
6. Now in the lower panel, among the "Device"-s, there should be at least one "Virtual Drive". Go on it with the mouse, press the "Ins" button, and select the folder where you have unpacked the Grand Robert, and within the folder the ".mdf" file. Press Enter.
7. Now you have a virtual drive in which a virtual Grand Robert CD is virtually inserted. Start the installation (normally shortly after pressing Enter the installation screen will be displayed). Ask for copying everything on the HD.
8. After the first start of the program you can calmly close Alcohol (and even unmount the Grand Robert CD image before, by pressing the "Del" key in the lower panel on the virtual drive), because the program has already been autorized, and you will not need the virtual drive any more.