Free Extensions for Dreamweaver

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Free Extensions for Dreamweaver

Google Tools for Dreamweaver | 4,19 mb

Just want to let you all know about these free WebAssist Dreamweaver Extensions.

Dreamweaver Tools for Google™
Easily add Google Checkout, Maps and Search to any web page
Dreamweaver Tools for Google™ brings home the sophisticated power of three key Google technologies without coding. Set up a site-specific Google Search, show the way with a Google Map or sell your goods for less with Google Checkout. Dreamweaver Tools for Google™ is totally easy to use and absolutely free!

Map it quick with Google Maps
Bring the real world online with a Google Map displayed right on your Web page. With Dreamweaver Tools for Google, you can easily add multiple markers, each with custom pointers and messages - and retain pure Google functionality.

Search the Web, Search your Site - Free
Harness the power of the most popular search engine on the planet with Google Search, embedded on your Web pages. Add a Google Search control with an option to search just the sites you want, without complex coding.

Get in the eCommerce Express Lane
Take the easy and low-cost path to selling on the Web with Google Checkout. Simply sign up for a free Google Checkout account, drop a Buy Now button on your Web page and your online store is open for business!

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