Hard Drive Test Pilot ver. 2.6

Posted By: Token
Hard Drive Test Pilot ver. 2.6

Hard Drive Test Pilot ver. 2.6 | Size: 1,38Mb

Hard Drive Test Pilot is an application that will read and scan for bad disk(s) and files.
Using the latest scanning technology, HDTP will scan your disk(s) and files for certain internal errors which may cause specific system damage.
This very fast and powerful tool can give you enough time to save your important files before your hard drive crashes for good.
Here are some key features of "Hard Drive Test Pilot":
· Scan Files for errors.
· Scan Disk(s) for errors.
· Scan MBR (Master Boot Record) for errors.
· Scan Files for specific viruses.
· Scan Port Settings for errors.
· Scan BIOS/CMOS settings for errors.
· Predicts and stops certain disk damages.