HD Advance 3.0 (PAL version)

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HD Advance 3.0 (PAL version)

HD Advance 3.0 (PAL version)
CD/DVD Game Software | PAL Verison Only | 3.92 Mb

Compatible with DVD9.

Only PAL version, not avaliable for sale in USA.
HDAdvance allows you to convert your PS2 games to HDD and run directly from the HDD connected to your console (PS2 Network adapter and compatible hard disk drive required). The HDAdvance package includes a CD and a DVD: The CD version embedded with the largest TOC. It can convert all CD games. The DVD version also embedded with the largest TOC. It can convert all DVD games.

No More Loading.

Actually, PS2 can read data from a HDD much faster than it can read from a CD or DVD. By using HDAdvance, you can run your PS2 games from the HDD directly and reduce the game loading times sharply. You can say goodbye to those boring game loading screen!

Since HDAdvance makes gaming more convenient by allowing you to store your PS2 games on a HDD, you do not need to change discs each time when you want to play different games. Moreover, your original game discs can be kept in good condition.

User Friendly Graphical Interface.

The user interface of HDAdvance is designed with simplicity. You will find that it is easy to navigate the game files and use the command to manage the game files. Other than converting PS2 games into HDD, you can find other commands to relabel the files or to delete the file.

Excellent Compatibility.

Over 95% of games work with HDAdvance without flaw when running from your hard disk drive. HDAdvance is compatible with both the official PS2 HDD and standard IDE HDDs with 40GB capacity or above.

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