HDftp ver.

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HDftp ver.

HDftp ver. | 1,34 MB

On the Internet, a FTP client is used to store or retrieve files to and from a FTP server. Without a server, your FTP client is useless. But, have you tried running your own server? Overwhelmed by all those mysterious options and confusing user interface? Along with easy to use FTP client capabilities, you can instantly transform HDftp into a ready-to-use FTP server with just two mouse clicks!
Personal FTP Server Mode is just one of the powerful features you will find in HDftp. As a FTP client, HDftp supports full Drag & Drop file transfer, Folder Bookmarks and Windows® Explorer-style local file view. For easier management of FTP servers, HDftp also includes an Address Book and its entries can be placed on toolbars for quick 1-click access.

Key Features

* Drag & Drop File Transfer
* Server Address Book
* Folder Bookmarks
* Fully Customizable Toolbar
o Fully customizable Windows® Office XP style toolbar is integrated with the Address Book for 1-click access.
* File Transfer Queue
* Upload and Download File Resuming
* Smart Content-Based File Type Detection
* File Verification with MD5 Checksum
* Integrated Personal FTP Server
o 2-Clicks Ready!
o Supports all standard FTP clients including Microsoft®
Internet Explorer and Netscape®.
o Supports Pickup and Drop Box modes.
o Supports up to 5 concurrent connections.
o Supports file transfer resuming.
o Supports PASV mode.