HeavyMath StereoPic ver.3.3.1

Posted By: teamboy
HeavyMath StereoPic is the easiest and cheapest way to take anaglyph stereo pictures.

Traditionally, to make a anaglyph photo, two cameras are mounted on special rack and two photos are taken. Anaglyph photo merging software is then used to combine the two photos together. Since there is no way to check the stereo look until the final merging, serious problem could occur. If one photo is out of focus, if the two cameras are set to different focal length, or if the two cameras are mis-aligned, the photos won't be usable.

Wouldn't it be easier if there is a preview so you can check the stereo look before taking the picture? HeavyMath StereoPic does exactly that. Getting videos from two webcams of similar model, it merges them automatically into anaglyph look and let you adjust the webcams until everything is right. After that, it is just one single click to get the image saved as a BMP or JPG file.