Helium Music Manager 2009.0.0.6860

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Helium Music Manager 2009.0.0.6860

Helium Music Manager 2009.0.0.6860 | 9,62 MB

With Helium Music Manager, you can take control of your music collection. Stop spending time looking for files on your computer or hunting through CDs vinyl records and tapes-instead, simply enjoy and explore your music!Rip,locate,play,edit tags and burn your favourite music.

Changelog for 2009 Build 6860 / 2009-03-09
* Apple firmware 2.x support (iPod Touch and iPhone). - At last we now offer support for new versions of iPhone and iPod Touch (firmware 2.x+)!
* Revised Album Cover Manager - The new album cover manager is a totally rewritten tool which will save hours of work when managing and downloading album covers for large collections. It will give you great control over which pictures that are assigned to your albums as well as a streamlined way to download new, change or remove covers.
* Language support added in the plug-in.
* This gives you the ability to get information such as biography in your locale.
* Album Artist Sorting corrections.
* Key handling in Tag Editor (Sheet) corrected.
* Drag and drop corrections.
* Minor corrections in the File Rename Wizard.
* Corrections to the Discogs plug-in.
* Corrections to the freedb plug-in.
* Corrections to Send To Category (allows more than 2 levels).
* Improvements to the Browse Album in Music Browser toolbar button.