Hidden Camera ver. 2.15

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Hidden Camera ver. 2.15

Hidden Camera - аналог многим хорошо известной программы RAdmin. Hidden Cameras позволяет просматривать рабочие столы клиентских машин (до 250 шт.) и делать скриншоты с интервалом от 1 до 600 секунд.

How to know that your employees do «right» things? What if they are looking for adult pictures or chatting with numerous friends instead of preparing urgent documents or writing an important code? What if they sometimes send confidential materials to your competitors? Or, what if some novices can't use internal software in a proper way? The solution is: employee monitoring software Oleansoft Hidden Camera...
All you need is to install the «manager» part on your computer and the «employee» part on each computer you want to monitor. After this, you will be able to control all the computer screens in real time. The program can capture either entire desktops or only active applications (up to 250 employees per each manager computer !!!).

Screenshots are captured smartly in case of any screen changes, and excluding screensavers. All screenshots are saved and you can view («play») them at any time. For example, at the end of a working day or when any productivity problems occur.

Hidden Camera has «split screen» mode, when you can view all monitored computers simultaneously. Besides, it works inside almost any modern network, even through proxy. There is a very good feature which provides extremely fast installation of the program from the command line.

Main features
Supports up to 250 employees PCs simultaneously from one manager's PC
Record and View modes + Slide show
Split-screen mode: up to 250 screens simultaneously in one manager PC's screen (from 2x2 to 16x16)
External archive viewer with "Date&Time" filter
Smart capture: the program does not make screenshots while screensaver or low power mode are running, also, it does not transmit the same screenshots
Connection via proxy
Autostart mode
Password protection
Text message transmition
Stealth mode
Quick installation from command line with keys