HistoryKill 2007 ver.1.0

Posted By: teamboy
HistoryKill 2007 ver.1.0

HistoryKill 2007 ver.1.0 | 2,98 MB

HistoryKill® continues to be the leading Internet Privacy software product available today. Using our unique, file-shredding process, HistoryKill® is the privacy software that systematically overwrites your Internet tracks before deleting your sensitive history and rendering it unrecoverable.

Key features for HistoryKill 2007 include:
» Securely Delete your history traces on your computer with the File Shredder
» Google Bar and Search box history killer and Cookie Manager
» Instant Messenger and Web browser Boss Key!
» Very User-Friendly and Easy to Use
» Compatible with the latest versions of Windows, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, AOL and MSN
» History Audit 2.0 packaged-in for free