HitekSoftware JaSFtp ver.7.35

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HitekSoftware JaSFtp ver.7.35

HitekSoftware JaSFtp ver.7.35 | 23 MB

JaSFtp will help you to detect directory change and trigger ftp, zip, copy and delete tasks. SFtp client (secure FTP) with a difference. Designed primary for automation of sftp, ftp and related tasks. Goal is to create advanced ftp tasks that can be scheduled automatically or run instantly.

Supports a very flexible wildcard system to transfer multiple files at once. Supports subdirectory transfers.

JaSFtp can automatically save files based on date/time or customized names.

Comes with a powerful and flexible task scheduler. Email Notification of task failure based on task exit code. Remote Sftp, Ftp and local directory monitor can detect directory change and trigger ftp , zip, copy, delete tasks.

JaSFtp can also detect file size, total files, file modification dates and trigger other tasks if required.

Technical Information:
Here are some key features of "JaSFtp":

· Support for both SSH protocols, SSH1 and SSH2
· SFTP transfer protocols supported
· Password, Public key authentication

· 3DES, DES & Blowfish ciphers
· Optional Twofish, AES & CAST ciphers
· Stateful decryption counter (SDCTR) mode cipher for AES
· SHA1, MD5 Message Authentication Codes (MACS)
· RSA, DSA public/private key file generation, in SSHTools, OpenSSH and SSH1 formats
· Supports reading of PuTTY and public/private keys
· Public key subsystem
· ZLIB compression
· SSH2 custom channels
· HTTP, SOCKS 4 and SOCKS 5 proxy support
· diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1 Key Exchange