HMonitor Pro ver.

Posted By: bad_mech

HMonitor Pro ver. | 721 Kb

This program monitors and displays hardware parameters collected by the several sensor chips, installed on certain motherboards. Program can monitor voltages, temperatures of CPU and motherboard and cooler fans RPMs.

Program can be used under any Microsoft Windows operating system (9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003) on X86/X64/EM64T based platform. (Note: IA64 platform is not supported)

- wide range of MB vendors supported;
- low resources usage;
- dynamic system tray status icon;
- current values are visible as a hint;
- detailed/warning log files can be produced;
- customizable alarms/user application execute;
- Software cooling (Pro license need);
- CPU Throttling (Pro license need);
- HDD's temperature monitoring (Pro license need);
- nVidia Graphics cards hardware monitoring (PRO license need).
- NT PerfMon support to check the data (Commercial license need); first, small, tribute to this great site.