Hocus Pocus, Hide Your Applications, Anti Boss Style

Posted By: denizcan
Hocus Pocus, Hide Your Applications, Anti Boss Style

Hocus Pocus is small and free program which helps you to hide & show your running applications by simple shortcuts and user friendly interface. In fact this is a "Boss is coming !" style application.

Main idea behind this application is hiding applications in public areas. For example you can use this tool to hide your IM (Instant Messaging) application or Download Manager . So no one can detect what are you doing? Because this is your privacy and this is your computer.
Other Features;

Beside of this, Hocus Pocus offers you several other good features. You can see all running applications in a usable GUI interface and manage them ( kill / hide / show / maximize etc.).

If you open “ Show Process Details ” option you can see running applications File Name , Company Info and Start Time .

.NET Framework should be installed. Otherwise setup application will guide you to download .NET Framework. it's free…