Hotel Booking System ver.2.4

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Hotel Booking System ver.2.4

Hotel Booking System ver.2.4 | 8,86 MB

The hotel booking system includes a booking calendar. This calendar is useful to plan bookings ahead of time. The calendar has an infinite time view, making it possible to book rooms ahead for a week, month or even next year. Booked cells appear in different colour bands depending on the booking status. Yellow means that the booking is uncommitted. Green means that the booking is confirmed and red means that those rooms on selected dates are unavailable.

Hotel Booking Form
The booking form is used for inputting new bookings and for viewing and editing existing bookings. The form also holds details for the customer, booking, rooms, venues, services and payment details. Repeat customer details are easily returned by entering the customers surname.

Hotel Booking System Reports
The hotel booking system produces various reports such as, customer loyalty reports, customer payment reports, guest arrival reports, hotel accounting reports, room financial reports etc…