Hpsetool 2.2

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Hpsetool 2.2

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Hpsetool is a simple, easy-to-use disk encryption tool that encrypts and password protects your removable and external disks, including USB drives, memory sticks, flash cards, PCMCIA drives and more. It allows you choose a secure password and a gold lock or a silver lock to encrypt logical drives. It uses 256-bit AES algorithm for maximum security and does not store your password on any media. Its powerful encryption ensures that only you can open an encrypted logical drive.

key features

256-bit AES encryption
encrypt data using 256-bit AES algorithm; gold lock encrypt every bit of the data with high security level; silver lock encrypt file system with very fast speed.

secure password support
help to choose a secure password; validate password using Secure Hash Algorithm; not store password on any media.

external drive support
Hpsetool: one time register, any computer use; drives plug-play.

file system support
support all windows file system: NTFS, Fat32, Fat16, Fat12.

designed for Windows NT 4.0 or above
designed for Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, and 2003 server.

more features
undo encryption/decryption action at any moment; verify drive sectors before encrypting data; and more…

what's new?

Version 2.2 (Apr 24,2007):

1.Added: 256-bit AES algorithm for encrypting/decrypting.
2.Added: SHA-256 hash algorithm for password validating.