iKey 2.5.0

iKey 2.5.0

iKey 2.5.0 | Mac Os X | 5.1 MB

iKey is an automation utility, a program that creates shortcuts to accomplish repetitive tasks. In essence, an iKey shortcut is a little program in its own right, but you don't need to know the first thing about programming to create an iKey shortcut. All you have to do is put together three necessary parts of a shortcut: One or more commands that give the shortcut its functionality, a context in which it runs, and a launcher that defines how the shortcut is activated.

A shortcut is made up of 3 parts:

A command is the action, or series of actions, that you want iKey to perform. An example of a command is: Open Photoshop and start a new document.

The context is from where your shortcut can be activated. Most commonly the context is set to universal so that it will work regardless of which application you are in. However you may wish to set a hotkey for use only in Photoshop, in this case the context would be set to Photoshop.

A launcher is what activates your shortcut. Most commonly it is a hotkey or date time event. For example launch Safari by pressing option + s or have it load for you at 8:00 am each morning.

Requires Mac 10.5, 10.6