MX AJAX Toolbox - Dreamweaver Extension

Posted By: xelbe
MX AJAX Toolbox - Dreamweaver Extension

MX AJAX Toolbox
Version 1.0.0 (Jul 20th, 2006) | 14,04 Mb

MX AJAX Toolbox promises to bring an innovative touch to the world of Dreamweaver extensions. The first ever degradable platform for Dreamweaver, it allows AJAX creation of both new sites started from scratch and integration of AJAX widgets into your older websites.

Spice up your websites with photo galleries, drag and drop, accordions, tabsets, ratings, AJAX dynamic tables and many more. Start a new project with the AJAX Site Wizard and see how easy it is to add top of the line technologies to your portfolio.
MX AJAX Toolbox :: Build AJAX sites in Dreamweaver
Supported server technologies: PHP_MySQL and PHP_ADODB


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