idBatcher ver. 1.1.0

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idBatcher ver. 1.1.0

idBatcher is a very powerfull image batch processor. Using idBatcher you will be able to apply series of effects and commands to a series of images, all in a single run. The Batch Processor allows you to build scripts that are a sequencial list of effect and commands that will be applied to every image you add to the batch. Currently there are over 40 possible effects available; some examples: auto-levels, brightness, contrast, photo framing (borders), caption titles, glamour, cropping, sepia, and many many more. If applicable, each effect can have its own settings. A single batch can contain multiple effects. Even the same effect can be added to the same batch multiple times, if needed with different settings each.

Use idBatcher if you need a powerfull batch scripting engine that allows you to apply many possible effects and commands to a set of images.

Some examples:

Prepare your images for sharing: Create a script that contains resizing, color profile conversion, image framing etc. in a single run.
Prepare images for printing: Create a script that crops your images to a 3:2 ratio, converts the images to JPG format and automatically optimizes the image contrast
Collective update IPTC tags: Create a script that allows you to add a set of IPTC tags to your images; e.g. Contact information
Watermark: Create a script that watermarks a set of images with your personal contact information using caption titles.
many, many more applications possible... tell us what you have used idBatcher for!

The integrated Image Editor allows you to view and/or edit every individual image before processing it.

idBatcher supports over 25 image formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD, PSP, TIF and RAW formats from over 150 different camera models.