Internet Explorer 7 Cracked + Security Patches 1 & 2

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Internet Explorer 7: Now in beta testing for developers No Validation Required!!!

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The first stage of the beta process for Internet Explorer 7 has begun—developer testing! The latest version of the world’s most popular Web browser has been released for technical evaluation, feedback, and testing by software and Web site developers.
The Beta 1 release signals that Internet Explorer 7 has reached an important milestone, with a number of key new features and improvements, and is ready for website and application compatibility testing. This release is specifically intended for developers to confirm that existing applications and websites will work well with Internet Explorer 7, and provides an opportunity for developers to give feedback directly to the development team. There will be further refinement between Beta 1 and the final version.
Beta 1 is not intended for broad consumer trial and evaluation but it does offer a preview of some of the benefits that Internet Explorer 7 will offer customers including:
*Dynamic security protection through a simplified architecture that defends against malware, and new dynamic ways to protect against personal data theft from fraudulent Web sites (a practice known as “phishing”).
*Improved design to make everyday tasks easier and faster, with better navigation through tabbed browsing; inline search right from the toolbar; shrink-to-fit Web page printing; and a streamlined, redesigned user interface (currently in its early stages in Beta 1).
*New tools to take you directly to the information you want through support for Web feeds (RSS) that includes automatic discovery of web feeds (RSS) on Web pages, basic Web Feed (RSS) reading capabilities, and basic support for saving Web feeds (RSS) as a new kind of favorite.
*Platform enhancements for developers to improve compatibility and manageability, including improved support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as well as transparent PNG support.
Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 is available now in two versions: a standalone version for Windows XP Service Pack 2, and an enhanced version that is built into Beta 1 of Microsoft Windows Vista—formerly Windows code-named “Longhorn”—to take advantage of new features of the Windows Vista platform.
A Community Technology Preview (CTP) has also been released which includes many more of the features that you can expect in the final version. We are looking for testing and feedback by MSDN and Technet subscribers. It has been released as part of the Windows Vista CTP.

IE 7 Cracked 11.84 Mb
Security Patch 1:
Security Patch 2: