iListen v1.6.8 for Mac OS X

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iListen v1.6.8 for Mac OS X

iListen v1.6.8 for Mac OS X

iListen v1.6.8 | Mac OSX | 50.9MB

Speech recognition dictation, command & control, transcription

Dictation, transcription, editing, formatting, and speech navigation within any application. iListen frees you from the keyboard and mouse. You are able to dictate text, edit, and format it with just the power of your voice. iListen provides you with the simplest and easiest way to get text into the applications that you use–simply dictate anywhere you would type. Our exclusive TalkAnywhere technology allows you to dictate and correct directly into almost ANY application on Mac OS X. iListen also provides Speech Navigation. You can press buttons, control the mouse, navigate the Finder and File Dialogs, open and close files, print, etc… all by voice.


iListen v1.5.2

iListen v1.6.8 Update

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