Imagineer Systems Mokey ver. 4.01

Posted By: BigBrother
Imagineer Systems Mokey ver. 4.01

Imagineer Systems Mokey ver. 4.01
RAR | No pass | All inside | Approx. 18 Mbyte

If you regularly work on projects recquiring removal of wires, rigs, logos, faces, lens flares, scratches, hair-in-gate, grain, warped frames, lens distortion and so on then

*Mokey offers you the ability to improve productivity on traditionally very labour intensive work.
*Mokey allows you to save shots that otherwise could not have been saved within the budget constraints of the client.
*Mokey complements your existing investment in post production hardware/software by being compatible with most other packages, such as Autodesk Discreet, Avid DS, Adobe After Effects, Quantel generationQ, Apple Shake and other compositing and editing systems.

Mokey is a product that complements your main editing, compositing, DI and film restoration systems. It offers a very advanced toolset that provides you with an alternative approach to solving an array of problems that usually would be more time consuming and more difficult to achieve accurately in other packages.