Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

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Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5
Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5 | 18.6 MB
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Why mokey?

If you regularly work on projects requiring removal of wires, rigs, logos, faces, lens flares, scratches, hair-in-gate, grain, warped frames, lens distortion and so on then
  • mokey offers you the ability to improve productivity on traditionally very labour intensive work.
  • mokey allows you to save shots that otherwise could not have been saved within the budget constraints of the client.
  • mokey complements your existing investment in post production hardware/software by being compatible with most other packages, such as Autodesk Discreet, Avid DS, Adobe After Effects, Quantel generationQ, Apple Shake and other compositing and editing systems.
Below you will find a description of the mokey toolset. Once you have read this, why not download mokey and try it for yourself?

How does mokey fit into my facility?

mokey is a product that complements your main editing, compositing, DI and film restoration systems. It offers a very advanced toolset that provides you with an alternative approach to solving an array of problems that usually would be more time consuming and more difficult to achieve accurately in other packages.

mokey's toolset

Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

Planar Tracker
This unique planar tracker bridges the gab between traditional 2D point trackers and 3D trackers, giving it the nickname '2.5D tracker', to give you a better and faster way to generate 2D tracks. The tracker forms the basis for most other operations in mokey, such as object removal.

Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

Object Removal
Removing unwanted wires, rigs, logos, faces, lens flares, scratches, hair-in-gate and so on from film and video clips is traditionally a very laborious task. The remove tool changes that. It will automatically expose the previously hidden background areas using information from other frames in the clip - whilst also adjusting for any combination of camera and object motion and frame-to-frame lighting variations.

Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

Motion Keyer
Creating travelling mattes for objects shot against badly lit bluescreens or more generic backgrounds often requires painstaking rotoscoping. mokey's matte module provides an alternative. Mattes are created using the background information and the motion data, allowing you to easily create mattes for objects shot against virtually any background.

Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

The advanced stabilizer can compensate for any combination of motion, including translation, rotation, zoom, perspective changes and shearing, warping the image to either fully stabilize it or simply reduce any undesired motion component whilst retaining the underlying camera move. The stabilizer reduces resolution loss by optionally filling in the borders created during stabilization with information from other frames.

Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

Grain Management
Grain management is a major concern when manipulating film footage. To give you the best tools, Grain Surgery technology from Visual Infinity, Inc is integrated into the toolset. This allows you to e.g. selectively regrain an area when using a cleanplate to remove an object.

Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

Lens Distortion
With this tool the lens distortion can be analysed and used to distort or undistort images, for example a CG plate that needs to distorted the same way as the image it is to be inserted into.

Imagineer Systems mokey v4.0.5

For shots where traditional chromakeying is required, mokey delivers by offering the renowned Primatte keyer from Photron. This gives you the ability to, for example, combine chromakeying with motionkeying for clips where multiple approaches are required.



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