Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

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Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5
Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5 | 20.5 MB
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Why monet?

Tracking, stabilisation, rotoscoping and compositing are a fundamental part of visual effects work

On average visual effects projects, monet will result in a 5% increase in profits by enabling you to deliver on more complex shots whilst producing higher quality in the same or less time on every shot, reducing the risk of not delivering on clients expectations.

monet complements your existing investment in post production hardware/software by being compatible with most other packages, such as Autodesk Discreet, Avid DS, Adobe After Effects, Quantel generationQ, Apple Shake and other compositing and editing systems.

Below you will find a selection of videos that show monet in action and explain why monet is such a unique product. Once you have watched these videos, why not download monet and try it for yourself?

How does monet fit into my facility?

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

You can use monet in 3 ways within your facility

1. Use it as your ultimate 2D tracker and export 2D tracking data to other compositing packages
2. Use it to generate individual elements, such as tracked elements, shadow passes, highlight passes etc. and export these to other compositing and editing packages
3. Use it as a standalone tool for tracking elements into shots, exporting the result directly to e.g. an editing package

monet can export 2D tracking data to Discreet systems
monet can export 2D tracking data to Avid DS
monet can export 2D tracking data to Adobe After Effects
monet can export 2D tracking data or result clips together with Shake scripts.

monet's toolset

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

The Planar Tracker
This unique planar tracker bridges the gap between traditional 2D point trackers and 3D trackers, giving it the nickname '2.5D tracker', to give you a better and faster way to generate 2D tracks

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

Tracking Perspective Motion
The 2D planar track tracks all types of motion, from simple x,y to complex motion with perspective changes where both the object and the camera moves

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

Tracking Multiple Contours
The shapes used to define the area to track can be manipulated during the track, giving you ultimate flexibility

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

Tracking Different Multiple Elements
Multiple elements can be tracked simultaneously and elements on the same plane can be tracked together

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

Adjust Track
A unique toolset for evaluating and adjusting the track to ensure maximum accuracy

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

monet is great for rotoscoping as far more objects can be tracked, reducing the need for time consuming, manual keyframing

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

The warper allows you to wrap elements around curved surfaces

Imagineer Systems monet v2.0.5

When tracking elements into blue or green screens the built in Primatte keyer is handy

Online, or downloadable, demos are available for the above, from the home page.

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