InfoSafe ver. 4.6.7

Posted By: gaudeamus
InfoSafe ver. 4.6.7

InfoSafe ver. 4.6.7 | 4,95 MB

InfoSafe™ is your complete secure information management software for Palm OS® handhelds, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile handhelds, and Windows PCs! Keep track and organize usernames, passwords, website logins, ID numbers, serial numbers, software codes, insurance info, bank accounts, credit cards, calling cards and much more. Includes 128 bit encryption, password protection, and a random password generator.

Feature Highlights:

* PC Companion Software - Included for easy access to InfoSafe� data on your desktop, including import, export, printing, and more!
* Password Generator - generate random passwords quicky, choose length and characters included, paste into other applications. *NEW*
* Comprehensive Field List - Ten customizable fields allow for detailed information for each record.
* Customizable Master Lists - Define your own list of categories and custom field labels for easy dropdown access.
* Extra security options - Specify a password entry delay after so many failed attempts, specify to destroy data after so many failed attempts.
* Import - Export Records - Import and export records from tab and comma delimited (CSV) files for convenient conversion from other applications.
* Password Protection - optional password protection prevents other people from viewing your data.
* FREE updates and upgrades within the same version number
* More features