InsidePro SAMInside v2.6.2.0

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InsidePro SAMInside v2.6.2.0

InsidePro SAMInside v2.6.2.0 | 1 Mb

SAMInside program is designated to recover Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista users' passwords and has some outstanding features:
The program has small size, doesn't require installation and can be run from diskette, CD/DVD-disk or USB-drive.
Includes over 10 types of data import and 6 types of passwords attack:
- Brute-force attack;
- Distributed attack;
- Mask attack;
- Dictionary attack;
- Hybrid attack;
- Pre-calculated tables attack.

Forcing program code is written completely on Assembler what lets to get extremely high speed of password forcing procedure on any processor.
Program correctly extracts Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista users' names and passwords in national symbol encoding.
The program is the first utility in the world which started to work with passwords encrypted by system key SYSKEY!

11/17/2007 The SAMInside program is updated to the version.
In the new version:
• Support of Windows registry SYSTEM files containing several different Syskey keys is added.
• "GetSyskey" utility is updated in the program archive so that now it creates *.KEY-files containing all available keys from SYSTEM file.
• New utility "PassToSyskey" is added to the program archive to generate Syskey key using input password.
• Bug fixed which could appear while copying non-English passwords to clipboard.
• Dictionary of frequently used passwords is added to the program archive.
• Inactive menu icons images are improved.