Intel Threading Building Blocks ver. 1.0.026 for Linux

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Intel Threading Building Blocks ver. 1.0.026 for Linux

Intel Threading Building Blocks ver. 1.0.026
Linux | Size: 13,29 Mb

Thread like an expert, without being one. Intel Threading Building Blocks 1.0 is a C++ runtime library that simplifies threading for performance. It provides parallel algorithms and concurrent data structures that eliminate tedious threading implementation work. It’s a tested and performance-tuned parallel substrate for your application.

Introduce threading that unleashes the performance of multi-core platforms. Write applications once and deploy on multiple OSs. Intel Threading Building Blocks enables your application performance to scale as the number of cores grow.


Ready to use parallel algorithms:

Select from a library of highly-efficient parallel algorithm templates, and rapidly obtain the advantages of multi-core Intel processors.

* Quickly employ commonly needed algorithms designed for parallel performance and scalability.
* Generic templates let you easily tailor these algorithms to your needs.
* Supports easy plug-in deployment into applications to deliver scalable software speed-up, optimizing for both available cores and cache locality.
* Reduce the work required to produce threaded software in many cases, by means of pre-built parallel constructs.