NEW Interactive Hand 2nd Edition

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NEW Interactive Hand 2nd Edition

NEW Interactive Hand 2nd Edition | 562 Mb

This second edition of the award winning Interactive Hand provides an accurate, highly detailed and newly revised 3D model of the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow.
New content for this new edition include a revised 3D model with new anatomy, larger, high resolution images, 8 new dissection style views that allow you to add and remove layers as if performing a dissection plus 17 muscle function animations.

New 3D anatomy:
# Brachial Plexus
# Elbow joint
# Lymphatics of the forearm and hand
# Surface anatomy and cutaneous distribution
# Nervous distribution
# Ligament attachments
# Fascia
# Capsules

Plus 8 new dissections views that allow you to add/remove layers as if viewing a dissection, including:
# Carpal tunnel
# Anterior forearm
# Cubital fossa
# Thumb
# Cross section of a nail

And 15 new muscle function animations including:
# Abduction/adduction of the MCP Joints
# Flexion/extension of the MCP and IP joints
# Flexion/extension of the elbow
# Flexion/extension of the wrist
# Opposition
# MP flexion, IP and DIP extension
# Pronation
# Supination

Cross sectional modeling of the wrist in the MRI section and also been completely revised and updated.

* Make anatomy more memorable for your students and colleagues using captivating 3D graphics.
* Raise your patients’ understanding and compliance using 3D images and clinical slides in consultations and for patient education.

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