Internet Cafe Server

Posted By: quil__23

- Full Control All computers are controlled from one computer running Internet Caffe Server application. Timing, billing and management can't be easier
- Security Restrict access to Ctrl+Alt+Del and other system keys, local drives, Internet Explorer settings, Control Panel, and ANY window you choose. Run Client as windows shell and increase security even further !
When inactive, the Client is locked with a protection screen
- Clients From server you can lock and unlock, reboot, shutdown computers or take a look at their desktops
- Internet, Office, Games Three program categories can be used with unlimited number of programs. Customizing shortcuts you can give access only to specified applications and protect computers of potentially destructive software that customers may run
- Caffe Tables Sell drinks, snacks, hardware and charge other services (or add these items to the customer's bill). This module is very suitable for cafeterias. Five tables are included in price. Extra tables can be purchased
- Earnings Check out earnings and charged items for a specified time period, computer, employee or type of service. Export data as html, csv or text report
- Type of usage 'Play and Pay' - option where customers use your services (Internet, scanning, printing...) and pay afterwards
'Pay in advance' - Prepaid mode, customer gets time for amount of money he has
'Time Codes' - Prepaid tickets can be used as long as customer has time left on it. When code is typed, Client computer will be available for use. Time can be added, usage limited to expiry date
'Members' - Prepaid or postpaid mode. Regular customers logs in with username and password. There are many options to setup including configurable price per hour, accessing options, unlimited usage etc.
'Free use' - Optional mode which enables usage for specified time without charge
- Pricing methods In case of prepaid mode, you can choose between :
- Block pricing, with fixed price for time interval (like $1 for 15 min)
- Price per hour, with price updated each minute
In case of postpaid mode, time is deducted each minute from customer account (unless you allow unlimited usage until specified date)