IpGuardian ver. 2.9

Posted By: warezking
IpGuardian ver. 2.9

IpGuardian ver. 2.9 | 2 MB

ipGuardian is an IE browser plugin specially designed to give you a better protection for your internet needs by providing you with

1. Protection against phishing
It alerts you if your logon web page is hosted in an unsafe country.
It detects URL discrepancy BEFORE you actually go to the web site.
It shows the real IP details (IP address, country, hostname, secure status).
It detects URL obfuscations.
It protects you from exploits based on browser unload/close events
It informs you that you are on the CORRECT web site (e.g. Citibank,eBay,PayPal,ANZ)v2.7

2. Protection against keyboard loggers
Simple password manager or your web logon.
Encrypted portable password file that you can carry anywhre.
Auto change your web page title to prevent trojans from detecting which page you are visiting.

3. Protection against home page hijacking