Ipswitch Collaboration Suite Premium 2006.1

Posted By: Alexpal
Ipswitch Collaboration Suite Premium 2006.1

Ipswitch Collaboration Suite Premium 2006.1 | 72,28 Mb

Ipswitch Collaboration Suite delivers the communication and collaboration tools that small and mid-sized businesses need in an easy to use suite, without the overhead of enterprise systems. ICS provides solid, scalable, standards-based (POP3/IMAP4/SMTP) email service with carrier-grade protection from spam and viruses plus secure instant messaging and shared Outlook folders.

New Web Messaging
Users have the capabilities on the web they rely on most in their desktop client. Features like rich text editing, attachment management & vacation settings are all easy to find and use.

New Web Administration
Change mail server settings from any web browser. Change a user's name throughout the system without losing any settings. Ability to have 1 character user names and aliases.

Smart Tag Support
Send secure instant messages from any Smart Tag compliant product including Microsoft Office® just by typing a user's name and right-clicking.

Stop Dictionary Attacks
IMail can sense a Dictionary Attack in progress and slow down responses until the attacker gives up.

Stop DOS attacks in progress
IMail Server will add a sending IP address to the blacklist automatically if it sends too many bad requests in a short period of time.

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