Ipswitch Instant Messaging 2006 v2.06

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Ipswitch Instant Messaging 2006 v2.06

Ipswitch Instant Messaging 2006 v2.06 | Win32 |Size: 10.40 MB

Secure, flexible, easy-to-use instant messaging

Instantly communicate with others to manage projects, respond to customers and accelerate processes.

Time is money and Ipswitch Instant Messaging saves you both

Many businesses see the need to take control of their own IM infrastructures, but many of these infrastructures are only offered as add-ons to complex, large-footprint groupware environments that are very costly and require high administrative overhead.

Ipswitch Instant Messaging is a manageable solution that gives you a unique combination of features and built-in security.

Why security is so important

IM is so convenient and useful many users take the initiative to install free IM clients in their work environment, but, because these free services rely on public servers outside the control of the business, they expose the organization to security and confidentiality risks. Proprietary information could be exposed or confidentiality laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) may be violated unknowingly.

Ipswitch Instant Messaging's built-in security ensures confidentiality and security of your organization's information.

Maintain your competitive edge

You've already equipped your organization with phones, fax and email. Take the next step to give your users the advantage of instant messaging today.

Secure, flexible, easy to use

for Administrators…

* A fast, easily-managed server that runs inside your firewall
* Ability to log and record all IM sessions
* Export conversations to RTF files for archive or search purposes
* Encryption of conversation logs based on the 168-bit 3DES encryption standard
* Integration with your Windows directory for easy administration
* Flexible controls for logging and recording conversations
* Server-based access control of multiple IM servers to permit or deny access to other Ipswitch Instant Messaging servers running on the network
* Integrates with IMail Server

…and Users

* Check the availability of your co-workers at a glance
* Include files and documents in conversations
* Invite multiple users to join a conversation
* Send messages to other users even when they are offline
* Set your status on the system, for example "On The Phone"
* Retrieve, save, and print previous conversations
* Spell-check, in real-time, before their messages are sent
* Conversation recall, which automatically retrieves the entire conversation when it is continued after the client has been closed
* Immediately access IM users’ names or email addresses with Smart Tags
* Easy to learn and use

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